On this page, you can see a few examples of our dentists’ skill demonstrations in the form of before and after pictures, as well as the results of Invisalign treatment.

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Ceramic Veneers and Crowns

With ceramic dental veneers and crowns, as well as composite resins, it is possible to correct aesthetic imperfections of the teeth and tooth tissue lost due to decay or wear



The customer was not satisfied with the condition and appearance of their heavily worn and filled front teeth. Our dentist removed the old fillings and replaced them with ceramic crowns. The treatment was applied to the customer’s four front teeth.



The patient’s implant crown was replaced, 3 ceramic crowns and 2 composite veneers were made. A minor gum surgery was also performed to make the gum line harmonious.

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Invisalign treatment

The treatment is carried out with transparent aligners that move the teeth towards the desired end result. Modern technology enables you to find out during a free

consultation visit whether the implementation of Invisalign treatment is possible in your case.



Both upper and lower teeth were treated with Invisalign. The gums were also cut symmetrically using a laser, and composite veneers were added.

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